Continuous Mist Sprayer Bottle for Plants (24 oz./700 ml)




Material Plastic
Brand AgroMagen
Capacity 24 Fluid Ounces


About this item

  • Reusable mist sprayer
  • 360 Degree spraying
  • Consistent and even spray, fixed output of 1.25 cc per second
  • For quality assurance, all our sprayers are tested at the factory and a small water residue might be present in the pipes. please avoid using hot or boiling water as it may affect the internal mechanism.


Sprayer specification

Item size 24 fl. oz. (White color)
Item weight 3.84 oz.
Item measurement 10.9 in H x 3.85 in R
Nozzle output Fixed output of 1.25 cc per second
Spray mechanism Continuous pressure pump with ability to spray from any angle
Spraying coverage Consistent and even spray (100 microns water droplet size)


At AgroMagen, we focus on quality and perfection. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and that is why we are offering our customers only premium products.

Our mist sprayer is made of materials that are not toxic and under very strict quality control to ensure that all sprayer components are working properly prior leaving the manufacturer.

Our package was designed to protect the sprayer from any damage during transportation as well as to provide important user instructions.

Additional information

Weight 3.84 oz

3.84 oz